MSN2-Chlamydia (MSN2C) is a sanitary napkin, like a common menstrual pad, that contains a strip, which collects vaginal secretions usually after only 4 hours of usage. Before the napkin is discarded, the strip is removed, properly packaged, and sent to the clinic of choice for Chlamydia PCR testing. The results can then be mailed directly to the patient with total confidentiality. This product is currently being prepared for commercial use.

MSN2HV1 & 2
MSN2-Human immunodeficiency Virus (MSN2HV1) and MSN2-Human Papillomavirus (MSN2HV2) are designed for the diagnosis of HIV and HPV infections respectively. These products are currently under development.

MSN2-Gonorrhea (MSN2G), MSN2-Candida vulvovaginitis (MSN2CV), and MSN2-Cytomegalovirus (MSN2CS) are designed for the detection of gonorrhea, candida and cytomegalovirus respectively in vaginal fluids. These products are currently being studied for their efficiency and specificity in a clinical setting.

MSN2-Proteins (MSN2P) is designed for the detection of antibodies. This is the most recent product in the MSN2 line currently under research and development, and will potentially open numerous avenues for the detection of specific antibodies in the near future.


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